wedding bride bespoke handmade headpiece
"Loved my bespoke headpiece which matched both my vision and my dress! Couldn't recommend it more!"

"I loved my tiara for our wedding. It was matched perfectly to my dress and complimented my veil perfectly. I can’t thank you enough for it, I recommend you to everyone looking for a headpiece. Xx"

Since getting engaged, I had in my head what my accessories would look like.

I had envisioned a forehead piece but everywhere I looked, they were either too heavy looking, too dramatic, or over priced. 
One day, after work I was speaking to my mother, who had been chatting to one of our customers, which happened to be Becky and her husband. They were talking weddings, and Becky had mentioned about what she does. Mum gathered her details, and off we went for a look on Facebook! 
I was in love immediately. The items Becky had were not only beautiful but different. I messaged her and arranged a day to meet. 
Becky came over to my house, along with her husband and we sat and chatted before looking at her pieces.
I found this a great little touch as for someone like me, who is very nervous meeting people she doesn't know, it was like chatting with friends. 
Becky bought a big range of her designs. From clips, to forehead pieces, to combs. She explained about every one and what it included, and she spoke with me about my ideas. 
I immediately fell in love with one of her forehead pieces. Becky explained she could make it to however I liked. Adding bits on if I wanted, or taking bits off. 
Once I chose my design, I held my breath for the price, and to my surprise, it was VERY cheap! I couldn't believe something so beautiful, and so time consuming was that price! 
Becky booked my piece in, I paid a deposit, and awaited to receive it.
Becky kept in contact throughout the whole process, she even dropped it off to me when completed, in a beautiful little box. I was not disappointed at all. The piece is so beautiful I am struggling to not wear it before my wedding day!
Becky is very professional, friendly, and a wonderful person. Her and her husband work extremely hard to satisfy brides ideas and does this with such detail and love. 

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